Research shows which countries promise to send more tourists to Brazil in 2024

The survey also indicates that Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo are the favorites of foreign travelers

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Credit: MTur Archives

Americans, Portuguese and French are the foreigners who most promise to do tourism on Brazilian soil this year. This is what the new research carried out by the travel website Kayak points out, which gathered data from the countries that most sought air tickets to Brazil between January and November 2023, for trips to be taken in 2024.

What places do these tourists want to visit? According to the survey, the city of Rio de Janeiro is the favorite destination for foreigners! The capital of Rio de Janeiro was chosen by the “Explore Kayak” tool as the most famous city in Brazil, being chosen by 22% of tourists who come from other countries. Salvador occupies second place, with 12% and São Paulo comes in third, with 5% from foreigners.

But the preference for these destinations is not just for “gringas”! The Tourism Trend 2024 survey, released by MTur in January this year, points out that in the universe of 43% of national tourists who want to travel this year, 15% want to go to São Paulo and 15%, to Rio de Janeiro. Bahia comes next, with 11% of interviewees' visit intentions. Ceará was cited for 9% and Santa Catarina and Pernambuco, for 7% each.

ENTRY OF FOREIGNERS – The month of February 2024 had the third highest record of international tourist arrivals in Brazil of all time. There were 833,306 visitors from abroad, an increase of 10.2% compared to 2023, when 755,842 tourists entered the country.

Year-to-date, the number of visitors from abroad was 1.79 million. The sum of the first two months is 3.64% greater than the 1.7 million recorded in the same period of 2023. The arrival of tourists from Chile and France showed the greatest growth, of 77.7% and 49.1%, respectively .

In the historical series, the number of international visitors in February 2024 was the third highest ever recorded, only inferior to that in the same month in 2018, 868 thousand, and in 2017, 863 thousand. Complete information, with numbers by state, country of origin and mode of transport used to enter the country, is available on Embratur Data Panel.

INTERNATIONAL – To attract more international flights to Brazil, the federal government launched the International Tourism Acceleration Program (PATI). The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Ministries of Tourism, Ports and Airports and Embratur. The federal government's action will be guided by two axes: expanding the supply of regular seats on international flights and improving the experience of tourists at Brazilian airports.

To begin the first axis of action, a public notice was published, on a pilot basis, to encourage airlines to implement new regular flights to tourist destinations in Brazil. Those selected will receive financial incentives from PATI to carry out actions to promote Brazilian cities on the international market, encouraging tourists to get to know the Brazilian territory.


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