on international women's day, tourist trade executives point out ways to further increase female success


In 2023, tourism will, for the first time, have a female representative in the highest position in the Ministry of Tourism; the Municipal Tourism Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro also recently gained the command of Daniela Maia, and several five-star hotel developments, showcases of Rio tourism, are led by women: their prominence in the segment is indisputable and International Women's Day , on March 8th, will have a lot to celebrate.

“The presence of women in the job market is already a reality. Our competence and technical capacity no longer need to be proven”, highlights Theresa Jansen, superintendent of HotéisRIO. “But adjustments still need to be made to increase gender equality, in addition to understanding motherhood, as it is a factor that companies need to take a different look at.”

Sintia Gomes, general manager of the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort, with almost 40 years of experience in leadership positions, agrees that there has recently been a huge evolution in the insertion of women in the job market. “We see women everywhere, occupying positions ranging from the simplest to senior leadership, exuding competence and professional qualifications. But to increase this participation, greater awareness is needed regarding challenges such as motherhood or double working hours with domestic tasks”. For her, the good news is that the situation is changing, with many companies seeking gender equality, making flexible hours and ways of working, such as home office, an alternative for women who still need to take care of the house and children alone. ”.

The general director of the JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro Hotel, Carolina Mescolin, believes that it is undeniable that women have made significant gains in the professional market in the last 15 years, but agrees that there is still much to be done. According to her, society and companies can minimize this gap by applying gender quotas for entry and presence in leadership positions, through the promotion of inclusive debate forums, awareness campaigns and a lot of internal communication. “This is not about female imposition but about promoting equity. We need to work to change the DNA of companies. I am very privileged because Marriott was born valuing women. Created 95 years ago, the company has always had an inclusion mentality. It was founded by JW Marriott and his wife Alice, who was always by her husband's side in all decisions and was fundamental to the company's success.”

Fatima Facuri, president of Abeoc Brasil (Brazilian Association of Event Companies), is betting on creating internal research in companies to find out what happens to women in the organization and developing strategies for the inclusion of other types of diversity in the business . “According to studies by the World Economic Forum, in the near future two out of every three people with completed higher education and postgraduate degrees will be women, a result of greater access to information and education.
Companies need to create effective gender equity strategies and policies, such as cultivating an environment free of harassment and emotional violence.”

The general manager of the Windsor California Hotel, Karla Masetti, also considers that companies have a lot of responsibility in improving this scenario. “Organizations must offer concrete career plans aimed at women and implement effective gender balance policies, including equivalent benefits, such as maternity leave. Another important point is to implement development programs as part of company culture, taking advantage of what female leaders have to offer – creativity and adaptation to processes”.

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