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New Year's Eve, security and G20 on the lunch menu of 5-star hotels


This Tuesday, November 14th, representatives of the Rio de Janeiro 5-star hotel forum met at the JW Marriott Hotel, where the group's monthly lunch took place. The meeting was attended by business directors and tourism authorities, such as the president and vice-president of Riotur, Ronnie Costa and Gustavo Mostof.

The agenda began by talking about the end of year calendar, with shows, holidays and New Year's Eve. The occasion was marked by the signing of the contract between HotéisRIO and Riotur, which makes it possible to display fireworks at 12 points in Barra da Tijuca on New Year's Eve. Expectations for the festival are excellent, with the prospect of an increase in foreign tourists due to the increase in this population, which has been noted throughout the year. “We also noticed that some airlines, including international ones, are offering extra flights. Furthermore, the national market, which is still predominant, tends to book more at short notice. Reservations will certainly be boosted by Black Friday and the injection of the 13th salary into the economy”, said the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes.

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