More than half of Brazilians want to travel for leisure in Brazil in 2024

More than half of Brazilians put a leisure trip to Brazil at the top of their wish list for 2024. This is what a survey by the Brain Intelligence Strategic consultancy shows on expectations for the economy and consumption intentions. According to the survey, 55% of those interviewed intend to purchase a national leisure trip.

In November this year, the study interviewed 1,200 people with an average monthly family income above R$ 2 thousand, in all regions of the country.

The second item on the shopping list that Brazilians intend to make in 2024 is the cell phone: 38% said they intend to buy a new device next year. Purchasing a car is on the list of 30% of those interviewed, while television sets are mentioned by 25% of those consulted.

In fifth place, with 22%, is the desire to go on an international leisure trip next year. Buying a new computer, refrigerator, motorcycle, stove, microwave and freezer is on the wish list of 18%, 16%, 13%, 12% and 6% of the Brazilians interviewed, respectively.

ENCOURAGEMENT TO TRAVEL – In order to encourage and facilitate trips around the country, the Ministry of Tourism launched the “Get to Know Brazil” Program, in the “Flying”, “Realize” and “Cívico” versions.

The initiative encompasses actions to expand connectivity and mobility, with special emphasis on regional tourist locations; and the increase in the number of tourists in Brazilian destinations, stimulating the opening of businesses by tourism service providers and promoting the sector's competitiveness.

The program also intensifies the generation of employment and income in communities that receive visitors, thus promoting a positive and sustainable impact on local economic development.

by Paula Rosa

Communications Office of the Ministry of Tourism

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