International tourism in Brazil will grow 21% in the first quarter, study shows

Brazil is experiencing a remarkable resurgence as a sought-after tourist destination – with its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture and warm hospitality sparking renewed global interest.” The assessment is from ForwardKeys, a Spanish company specializing in the analysis of air travel data, which predicts an increase of 21% in international tourist arrivals to Brazil in the 1st quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2023.

According to the company, trips from South America to Brazil register growth of 23%. Those from the European Union and the United Kingdom totaled an increase of 21%, while those from the United States accumulated an increase of 15%. As for the most searched regions, the highlight is the South, showing an increase of 34%; the North (26%), the Southeast (23%) and the Northeast (13%). The Central-West, in turn, experiences a drop of 11%.

The Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, attributes the results to the improvement of Brazil's image abroad during the current administration. “The world already perceives our country as a destination more committed to sustainability, diversity and democracy. This recognition makes it clear that Brazil has returned reinvigorated to the global scene, which will certainly influence the country's placement in the ranking of the most sought after nations on the planet”, says Sabino.

In the analysis by states, Santa Catarina leads FowardKeys' projection of international arrivals, with an increase of 53% over the first three months of 2024. The list of leading Federation Units in the area is made up, next, of Rio Grande do Norte (46%), São Paulo (25%), Rio de Janeiro (23%), Minas Gerais (18%), Alagoas (15%), Pernambuco (14%), Ceará (11%), Paraná (9%), and Bahia (4%).

OPTIMISM – The search for Brazil as a destination for foreign travelers in 2023 reinforces optimistic forecasts for this year. According to UN Tourism, spending by international tourists in the country reached an all-time high of R$ 34.5 billion, 1.5% above that collected in 2014, when Brazil hosted the World Cup. Throughout 2023, Brazil received 5.9 million foreign tourists, 62.7% more than in 2022, exceeding the entity's estimates by 3%.

By André Martins

Communications Office of the Ministry of Tourism

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