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HotelsRIO welcomes Rio Film Commission and Setur-RJ at its board meeting

HotelsRIO held, this Tuesday (7), at the JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana, its monthly board meeting. At the meeting, topics such as the use of the city of Rio de Janeiro as a location for audiovisual productions and the Perse scenario were discussed, after approval by the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate. The meeting was attended by the recently appointed Undersecretary of State for Tourism of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Ramiro Fidalgo, and the coordinator of the Rio Film Commission, Daniel Celli, among others.

Opening the meeting, the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, congratulated the City of Rio de Janeiro for organizing the presentation of the North American artist Madonna, who moved the city with tourists and economically. “The show generated extra flights and more than a thousand buses to bring tourists. It is among the five biggest shows ever held worldwide”, he celebrated. Lopes said that the mayor plans to include a presentation of this size in the fixed calendar of events, every May.

Welcoming the presence of Ramiro Fidalgo, Alfredo Lopes highlighted: “We are extremely lucky to have Gustavo Tutuca at the helm of Setur-RJ. It helped a lot in the post-pandemic recovery, attracting the flow of domestic tourists. Currently, it has been strengthening the international market. And now we have a hotelier as Undersecretary of Tourism for the State of Rio de Janeiro”.

The film industry as a tourist attraction was also on the agenda. The city of Rio de Janeiro has reached a prominent position among the cities that serve as locations for audiovisual works, even surpassing New York, in the United States. The statement was made by Daniel Celli, coordinator of the Rio Film Commission, present at the meeting. “Rio is a very powerful brand,” he said. Celli highlighted the importance of a structure like the Rio Film Commission to support clarification to producers about the facilities that the destination offers. “We provide information on the topics that most concern those looking for a location destination, such as speeding up authorizations for outdoor filming and studio options.” He revealed that a scenic city is being planned in Rio de Janeiro.

The Events Sector Emergency Resumption Program (Perse) was also on the agenda. Ricardo Almeida, lawyer at RAFE, HotéisRIO's legal advisor, gave a presentation on Perse's current situation. He explained the limitation of benefits according to the taxation regime. In the case of presumed profit, the PIS/Cofins/IRFPJ and CSLL rates are reduced to zero until December 2026. For companies that qualify for real profit, the 2024 financial year will have PIS/Cofins/IRFPJ and CSLL rates reduced to zero, but in the years 2025 and 2026 only the PIS/Cofins rates will remain at zero.

On the occasion, Alfredo Lopes addressed the issue of problems created by hosting platforms. “It is degrading for the economy of the hotel sector. We have had meetings for five years demanding a position of equal conditions for tax equality. It is important to change the rules so that seasonal rental properties also pay taxes, as they currently act as informal accommodation facilities. Another problem that must be evaluated is the issue of security”, he highlighted.

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