Hotel governance: the essential sector in a hotel in the pandemic scenario

Hotel governance: the essential sector in a hotel in the pandemic scenario

Governance in a hotel, in fact, has the role of governing all aspects related to the organization, cleaning and tidying of hotel spaces.  

In a scenario in which health safety must be a priorityThe hotel governance it became a leading sector. In the end, for the guest if feel safe in a hotel, the establishment needs to be suitable for new security procedures 

The health ofheand is a priority in times of Covid-19. Given this, how do you think this sector of your hotel is currently proceeding? Have the processes been adapted for the resumption?  

So, read on to learn about the new routine of hotel governancethe pandemic scenarioThe and check out valuable tips.  

The importance of hotel governance during the recovery 

During the recovery, the ghotel governance passor to have big relevance inside hotels. Cleaning and health safety of rooms and common spaces are a priority to attract guests in current times.  

One study recent released for the CNN Brazil portal, reveals that In Brazil, 82% of consumers started to prioritize health and financial security as prerequisites for consumption. In other words, for a brand or establishmentnham success in business, they need ccomply with such requirements.  

This way, to stand out competition and remain active during this period, one Hotel it needs to have more than good offers and prices as a focus for sales. Also It is necessary to work on actions that allow a experience safe for travelers. 

Therefore, it is a challenge for this sector to ensure that the hotel is aligned with the new protocols and review processes and services. It is exactly these new protocols that we will talk about in the next topic. 

Housekeeper disinfects and cleans hotel room door handle with antibacterial wipes.
Housekeeper disinfects and cleans hotel room door handle with antibacterial wipes.

What changed in the hotel governance routine due to Covid-19 

Now that you know the role of hotel governance in the pandemic, the time has come to find out which they are the main points of the area what have undergone adaptation nthis period. Check out:   

Cleaning of common areas 

Frequency of cleaning of hotel common areas, such as gyms, cafeterias, elevators It is reception increased with the resumption period.  

In addition, it is now recommended to make 70% alcohol dispensers and disposable multipurpose cloths available in all these places 

Such a measure is important so that after contact or use of any equipment, the employee or even the guest performs hygiene.  

Layette control 

To facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of contamination, decorative layette items that come into close contact with the body were removed: footrests, cushions, shawls, rugs, etc.  

This means the cleaning team will have fewer items to worry about disinfecting.  

Sterilization of bed and bath linen 

Now the Employees who sterilize bed and bath linen need to use equipment such as:  

  • Nitrile or Neoprene long-sleeve gloves – Cap with cuff 
  • Mask – Face protection – Boots – Propé sneakers 
  • Eye protection 

Abesides that, it is also recommended that guests' clothes be delivereds packaged laundry, avoiding body contact.  

Meals in common places 

Most hotels no longer offer breakfast in the form of a buffet and have replaced the meal for prepared dishes that can be taken for the room or taken in the cafeteria by appointment. Some chains have also adopted breakfast in boxes. 

The few hotel restaurants that have reopened also work under the same scheme:hodistance from tables and chairs and theThe spaces are working with prepared dishes delivered to the apartments or in boxes. 

All hotels implemented greater sanitary control and greater attention to the cleanliness of the food used in meals. 

Caring for your own team  

Taking care of the hotel's own governance team is essential for maintaining this new health security policy.  

Therefore, many hotels invested in training their employees and purchasing PPE (personal protective equipment) recommended by the WHO, Anvisa and the Ministry of Health. 

Some even provided disposable masks that must be changed periodically.  

How to adapt and have good governance in your hotel  

ANDste period implies significant changes in various hotel governance processes. The priority It is to guarantee guest well-being.  

Therefore, all processes must be carried out in accordance with the hygiene protocol.  

Wopen to hotels to use this scenario for improve the service and assistance in an active way to welcome its guests, who are certainly more demanding.  

Communication between hotel governance and reservations 

The operational synergy between hotel governance and the hotel management team reservations is even more important at this time of recovery.  

Release a room that is not in good condition hygienic, for example, it is a very serious error. Therefore, both hotel governance and the reservations team must have communication aligned. 

Guest turnover, especially now during a pandemic, demands agility and strict control of working time for all teams. 

However, governance has a greater weight due to the need to release units to check in and sales. The less time control you have, the greater the chances of missing sales opportunities or creating problems when a new guest checks in. 

Source/Credits: Omnibees Blog

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