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Greatest idol in Flamengo's history, Zico gets statue at Dreamland Wax Museum at AquaRio

“Every tribute is gratifying when we are here on earth”- Said Zico, thanking the inauguration of his statue at the wax museum, in AquaRio. The tribute was made this Tuesday morning, and was attended by Flamengo fans.

Eternal, brilliant, great, goalscorer! Any words are not enough to name what Arthur Antunes Coimbra, popularly known as Zico, represents for the red and black fans and for the history of Brazilian football. The former player, recognized as an idol by all fans, received a tribute worthy of his talent at the Dreamland Wax Museum located inside Rio's Marine Aquarium, AquaRio.
“It is a great honor to receive this honor from Dreamland, who created my first wax statue in Brazil, rich in details and with an impressive realism. It portrays a very special moment, which was winning the World Cup in 1981, so I hope it brings good memories to everyone who visits AquaRio and the Wax Museum”, highlights Zico.

“Hey, hey, hey, Zico is our King”, sang the red and black people present for Arthur Antunes Coimbra, to take the stage, inaugurate the statue, and thank him for the tribute paid, which will be displayed in an exclusive setting inside AquaRio . The statue joins 35 other life-size pieces of other important celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Queen Elizabeth II, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, the footballer Messi, among others.

The entire process, from the invitation to finalizing the statue model, took more than two years. It all started in February 2022 when Zico accepted the honor and from that moment on, the period of his career that would be portrayed was discussed, in addition to the pose and costume. In July of that same year, the former player spent hours taking more than 250 photos, in addition to taking 300 measurements to be used in the development of the bust and body. All the information helped to create the wax statue with the exact representation of skin tone, eye and hair color, as well as face shape.
After the piece was approved, a team of 20 foreign artisans was chosen, all fans of Brazilian football and feeling honored to reproduce an icon. The studio, located in the city of London, England, was responsible for bringing the project to life. It took 18 months to sculpt the statue, which weighs around 40kg, valuing the smallest details that can make the replica even more convincing.
The phase chosen was between 1981 and 1982, with the pose being the emblematic moment of focus and concentration that precedes a free kick. Zico, in a wax version, will be immortalized wearing a replica of Flamengo's 1981 uniform, the year they won the Libertadores and the Club World Cup.
“Great idol of world sport and Flamengo, whose history goes beyond the borders of football. The unprecedented arrival of Zico's statue at the Dreamland Wax Museum at AquaRio has everything to do with tourism. Since it is an incredible opportunity to show thousands of people what is most incredible about Rio: talent, genius and charisma. Therefore, there is nothing better than paying this tribute to a tourist attraction”, says Pablo Mórbis, CEO of Grupo Cataratas, the company responsible for operating the Rio Marine Aquarium.
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The president of TurisRio, Sergio Ricardo de Almeida, highlighted the importance of this additional attraction in this important tourist facility in Rio de Janeiro. “It will undoubtedly attract more and more tourists to the place. It is exciting not only for red and black people, but for all lovers of football, and the history of Brazilian football”, he said.

Credits: Tourism Journal

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