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Gol inaugurates air route between Rio de Janeiro and São José dos Campos

São José dos Campos (SP), a city strongly linked to technological innovation and the Brazilian aerospace industry, is considered the “Airplane Capital” in the country. Located in the Paraíba Valley, it is also the newest domestic destination in Gol Airlines, where the company has just consolidated its 76th city served. Between the night of last Wednesday (27th) and the early morning of Thursday (28th), the inaugural commercial flights took place connecting São José dos Campos airport (SJK) to Tom Jobim international airport, RIOgaleão (GIG), in Rio de Janeiro, one of Gol's most important hubs, which also recently resumed the route from Fortaleza to Miami and Orlando.

Born from a partnership between Gol, SJK Airport, São José dos Campos City Hall and the North American manufacturer Boeing, two events took place last night (27), at both ends which, from now on, are just an hour and five minutes flight distance from each other, with three direct weekly flights in each direction: SJK-GIG and GIG-SJK. The objective was to celebrate, both at RIOgaleão (GIG) and in São José dos Campos (SJK), the resumption of an important route already operated between January 2007 and May 2008 by Gol and which now returns to contribute to the strengthening of tourism and business in Vale do Paraíba (SP), in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil.

Alexandre Monteiro, president of RIOgaleão, was the host in Rio de Janeiro, while authorities from São José dos Campos, such as mayor Anderson Farias and the CEO of Aeropart, concessionaire of SJK airport, Eduardo do Valle, as well as the state's vice-governor from São Paulo, Felicio Ramuth, were on the inaugural flight of Gol G3 2116, which left RIOgaleão at 9:55 pm, after the traditional lane cut, and landed in São José at 11:05 pm. The authorities were accompanied by Renata Fonseca, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and executive director of Institutional and Government Relations at Gol, and Alberto Fajerman, advisor to the Company's presidency, as well as other company executives.

“With great pride today we inaugurate Gol's newest domestic destination, São José dos Campos, an important step for the company in its regional expansion process, connecting one of the most thriving municipalities in São Paulo to one of Brazil's main postcards, Rio of January. It is the result of the joint effort of Gol and the government of the state of São Paulo to provide tailored services to customers who travel for leisure, promoting tourism at both ends, and for work, with comfort and safety”, stated Renata.

“Gol’s expectations regarding the São José dos Campos – Rio de Janeiro route are high. The three weekly frequencies in operation today tend to expand rapidly, as Customers experience their speed and practicality, as well as the travel experience with Gol. The high connectivity provided by Gol at RIOgaleão is a differentiator, offering more than 20 connection options for all regions of the country and abroad, with Gol itself or partner companies”, said Mateus Pongeluppi, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Goal.

“The GIG-SJK route connects Rio de Janeiro with an important industrial hub located in the São José dos Campos region. Furthermore, passengers from the city and the entire Paraíba Paulista Valley will be able to enjoy the connectivity that Gol has at Rio de Janeiro International Airport with Brazil and the world”, said Alexandre Monteiro, president of RIOgaleão.

On the morning of this Thursday (28), at 6:20 am, the same “Mônica 60” themed Boeing 737-800 took flight (G3 2117) towards RIOgaleão, transporting the people of José José to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the world, given the connections offered in the Marvelous City by Gol and partner airlines Air France-KLM and American Airlines. Landing took place at 7:25 am at Tom Jobim airport.

“The start of commercial flights departing from São José dos Campos airport is an important moment for the city and its population, as it will allow the connection of São José and the region to several national destinations. And, who knows, to international destinations in the near future. Gol is to be congratulated for realizing this great economic opportunity. São José has innovation and technology in its DNA and all the conditions to have an airport moving along with the city's development. The airport once again boosts São José’s economy”, celebrated Anderson Farias, mayor of São José dos Campos.

Credits: Brasil Turis

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