The objective is to recover the positive image of Rio de JaneiroReginaldo Pimenta / Agencia O Dia

The proposal seeks to increase the State's power of influence and attract visitors and investors
Firjan created the Soft Power Rio project, which aims to recover the positive image of Rio de Janeiro by creating an environment favorable to business and return on investments. The proposal consists of increasing the State's power of influence, through its culture, to attract visitors and investors.
According to the president of Firjan's Creative Industry Council, Leonardo Edde, in international studies Brazil presents positive indices related to receptivity, as it is a party-loving and friendly country. However, references such as “Brazilian way” and “Carioca trickery” contribute to a reverse effect of Soft Power.
“This ends up bringing a negative perception, which is an image of corruption, trickery, bad manners in business, services and so on”, he highlighted.
As one of Brazil's postcards, Rio de Janeiro is the focus of the project, aiming to increase the self-esteem of citizens, producers from Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro and, with this, enhance Rio's ecosystem. “Rio already has its brand affected for many things, such as violence, corruption and jeitinho. But we are working to transform all of Rio de Janeiro’s positive assets to enhance Soft Power”, highlighted Edde.
The project has the participation of businesspeople from Rio de Janeiro. They plan actions to promote legal certainty, governance, incentives, infrastructure and training.
Firjan will release this Tuesday, 5th, the Mapping of the Creative Industry, which will show the main indicators of the sector between 2017 and 2020, such as creative economy from the perspective of production and the labor market, state panoramas, thematic analyses, in addition of the list of creative professions on the rise.