Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro again bans operation of the Buser app

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Buser bus – Photo: Reproduction
The application company Buser is, once again, prohibited from operating in Rio de Janeiro due to a decision handed down last Friday (26/02), by the Federal Judge Alberto Nogueira Junior, of the 10th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro.

In August last year, the Rio de Janeiro Court had already ruled against the company's actions selling tickets via app for the same reason: non-compliance with the charter rules. By law, the charter service constitutes private transport, in a closed circuit (in tourist, occasional and continuous modes), that is, the same group of people who go there must be the same group of people who return.

Buser is authorized to operate only in charter mode (closed circuit). Therefore, it is only authorized to operate with the sale of closed tickets (round trip). However, what has been happening in practice is the sale of one-way or return tickets, which mischaracterizes the charter modality.

The recent decision responds to the request of the Union of Intermunicipal Road Transport Companies of Rio de Janeiro, given the proof of repeated non-compliance with the judicial decision handed down by the 10th Federal Civil Court of the Judiciary Section of Rio de Janeiro, which, in August last year , decided on the need for Buser to operate only within the rules of public transport by charter.

Source: Diário do Rio

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