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Family business: brothers running the Arpoador and Ipanema Inn hotels seek to bring more sustainability to their ventures

Daniel Strosberg Gorin's day starts early in Rio de Janeiro, but in style: he often runs along the Ipanema promenade, has breakfast by the sea or near the beach and then starts work. He shares the position of general manager with his brother, Marcelo, at the family hotels: Arpoador and Ipanema Inn. The businesses were founded by his grandparents around 50 years ago, later managed by his parents, and since 2011 they have been under the supervision of his grandchildren. “In these five decades, my family has seen the changes in Rio's beach culture, including surfing in Arpoador, the demolition of houses and occupation of buildings in Ipanema, and the increase in major shows and events in the city, such as the Olympics and the World Cup. of the World”, says Daniel.

His life was also formed in this scenario: it was where he was born 42 years ago, grew up, studied, lived with his family and still lives. After graduating in Social Communication, working in a museum and as a photographer, he moved to London. Six years later, he was in Ipanema again, this time to take over management of the hotels alongside his brother. Daniel recalls: “In London I had many remarkable experiences. There, for example, selective collection of waste from homes was already common, and anyone who did not separate and dispose of bags in the correct places would face a fine. This practice became my routine, it altered my consciousness. It was strange to return to Brazil and not do any of that. I thought it was time to take advantage of these lessons and try to change what was around me.”

In the first initiatives of the brothers' new management, around 10 years ago, the hotels began supporting external projects focused on the environmental and social areas. At the time, it was not so common to think about ESG practices, which refer to actions aimed at governance, social and environmental issues. Gradually, the perspective of sustainability began to be transversal to several areas. “What we see today is the result of a set of decisions that were taken and continue to be thought about every day. We cannot talk about the future of the business without taking care of these aspects and the lives involved, be it the guest or the employees. It is with this ethics that we follow, even with higher costs”, says Daniel, who seeks to stay connected with sustainability in his readings, in the search for innovations, in practices of reconnection with nature in his leisure moments and getting to know hotel references sustainable abroad.

Daniel Strosberg, in front of the Arpoador and Ipanema Inn hotels — Photo: Disclosure
Daniel Strosberg, in front of the Arpoador and Ipanema Inn hotels — Photo: Disclosure

Credits: One Planet / Globo

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