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Demand for tourism in Brazil encourages international airlines to expand operations in the country

The foreigners want to know Brazil. One evidence of this is the increase in the number of international airlines operating in the country, which boosts national tourism and, at the same time, presents the sector's full potential, bringing several benefits to the economy. This year, important foreign airlines, such as Emirates, American Airlines and Air France, announced new connecting routes between different foreign destinations and Brazil.

Attracted by natural beauty, rich cuisine or hospitable people, more and more international visitors have included Brazil as a favorite travel destination. This trend is driven by a series of factors, such as the promotion of the domestic tourist market at international fairs, the country's economic growth and the increase in demand for air travel.

With such demand, several airlines expanded routes to Brazil. Air France, for example, will increase its operations in Fortaleza (CE) during the European winter. There will be five weekly flights between the capital of Ceará and Paris, France, from October 2024 to February 2025, compared to the current three weekly frequencies offered.

The Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, points out the advantages of the availability of more flights to Brazil. “With greater air connectivity, more destinations in Brazil are accessible to tourists from outside the country, who previously might face difficulties in reaching certain regions. This has contributed to the diversification of tourism in Brazil, with more people exploring not only the best-known destinations, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but also less visited areas, such as the Pantanal, the Amazon and the Northeast”, he highlights.

The airline British Airways, from the United Kingdom, will also have 10 weekly flights to São Paulo later this year, reinforcing its presence in Brazil. Currently, the company operates a daily trip connecting Heathrow Airport, in London, to Guarulhos (SP), carried out with an Airbus A350-1000. From October 29th, there will be three more flights, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Portuguese also show interest in visiting the country. The airline TAP announced that it will have 16 more flights connecting the main Brazilian cities with Europe at the peak of summer on the continent. There will be 91 trips per week, an average of 13 per day. In total, 11 cities in Brazil (with 13 routes, to Lisbon and Porto) connect the country to Portuguese cities.

Emirates and American Airlines, in turn, announced new flights to Galeão Airport (RJ). Starting in December, Emirates will increase weekly frequencies on the Rio-Dubai route from four to five. American Airlines announced that it will have a new Galeão flight heading to Dallas, in the United States, via Fort Worth Airport. Furthermore, the North American company will increase its Galeão operation to New York (USA), via JFK Airport, going from three weekly flights to a daily service, from October 2024 to March 2025.

SOUTH AMERICA – South American neighbors have also demanded more trips to Brazilian lands. JetSMART Airlines announced three new routes in Brazil: Curitiba (PR)-Santiago (Chile); Curitiba-Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto Alegre (RS)-Buenos Aires. With this, the company has 10 direct flights departing from Brazil, in addition to the other seven routes that already connect Florianópolis (SC) to Buenos Aires and Santiago; Rio de Janeiro to Santiago, Buenos Aires and Montevideo and São Paulo and Foz do Iguaçu (PR) to Santiago.

INCENTIVES – To attract more international flights to Brazil, the federal government launched the International Tourism Acceleration Program (PATI). The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Ports and Airports and Embratur, which operates on two axes: expanding the supply of regular seats on international flights and improving the experience of tourists at Brazilian airports.

Starting the first axis, a public notice was published, on a pilot basis, to encourage Brazilian and foreign airlines to implement new regular flights towards tourist destinations in Brazil. The selected companies will receive financial incentives to carry out actions to promote national locations in the foreign market, encouraging visitors to get to know Brazil.

By Fábio Marques

Communications Office of the Ministry of Tourism

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