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Copacabana hotels expect maximum capacity for Madonna show

Singer will perform free show on Copacabana Beach, on May 4th. The presentation will be the only one in South America and is expected to bring together 1 million people.

Copacabana hotels expect 100% of occupancy with confirmation of Madonna show, according to data from HotéisRIO. The singer will perform a free show at Copacabana Beach, on May 4th.

“In addition to the high occupancy rates that the city's hotels will record, with benefits for the entire tourism chain, from restaurants to the transport sector, it will also be a new record for the artist, as it will be the biggest show of all time,” he said. the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes.

Movement at Rio Bus Station should also increase: on the Friday before the day of the show, arrivals in the capital of Rio de Janeiro should increase by 20% in relation to a normal Friday, with travelers coming mainly from the states of São Paulo , Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.

The singer comes to Brazil for a single performance, at the end of “The Celebration Tour”, which celebrates 40 years of the artist’s career. The show will have Live broadcast from TV Globo, Multishow and Globoplay.

On March 25th, those responsible for the event held a press conference with some details:

  • The presentation will be broadcast on Globo;
  • The organization says it “works” with an audience of 1 million people or more;
  • The security scheme will be the same as on New Year's Eve, with magazines and blocking points;
  • The presentation should start between 9:30 pm and 9:45 pm and will take 2 hours;
  • Press and sponsors will have a separate area;
  • It will be the only show on the star's trip to South America;
  • The event is sponsored by companies and the state and capital governments.

Madonna's arrival in Brazil it had already been confirmed on March 21st on Instagram by Itaú, a bank for which the singer is the poster girl. “Brazil, I’m going,” said the singer in a teaser for the presentation.

“We are going to hold the biggest event in pop music history. For the city, it has a huge impact on the economy and tourism. Only with the buzz did the hotels fill up. It will be spectacular for the city, it will be our image to the whole world”, said municipal tourism secretary Daniela Maia.

Madonna — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Tracks since the beginning of March

Before, some “clues” about the arrival of the international star had already been given, including with the use of planes that flew over the Copacabana beachfront.

Rumors before confirmation had left fans of the pop star anxious. Hotels were already reporting an increase of 30% in demand and many people from outside Rio had already taken the risk of buying tickets.

This will be Madonna's fourth visit to shows in Brazil – the last one was 12 years ago. She has already presented the country with 'The Girlie Show' tour in 1993, the 'Sticky and sweet tour' in 2008 and 'MDNA' in 2012.

This time, the performance on the sands of Copacabana will be the only one by the singer in all of South America, and Brazilian fans will be able to see up close – whether on the sands of the beach or in the comfort of home – the pop diva perform the biggest hits of her time. extensive career.

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