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Check out MTur's tips for taking advantage of the date and buying products or services safely

With Black Friday approaching, travelers are eager to take advantage of the opportunities that the date provides. Discounts can reach up to 30% on accommodation, according to some online search platforms. So, if you are passionate about exploring new destinations, pay attention to the offers that the tourism sector offers and plan to pack your bags.

The discounts are varied and adapt to different types of trips. They range from offers for the cruise season, or travel packages including air tickets, hotel, transport and tours. The tip is to research well and see what fits in your budget.

But control your anxiety before taking advantage of the promotions and making the purchase! It is essential to be careful not to fall for scams. After all, no one wants a headache when leaving for the long-awaited trip, right?!

So, before getting carried away by tempting offers, it is important to plan your trip in advance. Define destination, travel data and available budget. This way, you can focus on the offers that really fit your needs.

Another suggestion is to keep an eye on the websites of airlines, travel agencies and hotels so as not to miss the best offers, as many companies start publishing their promotions days or even weeks before Black Friday. Subscribing to newsletters is also a smart strategy to receive first-hand information.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you'll have a better chance of finding rewarding deals. Sometimes small adjustments to the days of the week or time of year can result in significant savings.

Also consider the possibility of purchasing complete travel packages, which include air tickets, accommodation and even tours. Many deals offer special bundle discounts during Black Friday, which can be a great way to save.

But stay tuned! The first offer is not always the best. Use price comparators to ensure you are really taking advantage of the best promotion available. Remember to include additional fees, such as baggage and taxes, in your cost analysis.

Before making the purchase, it is extremely important that you access the Register of Tourist Service Providers website, Cadastur! There, you can check whether the company that is offering you a good discount is registered in the country. It is also possible to do a search on the company's official social networks, which are registered with Cadastur, making it easier to know whether the promotion is real or fake.

Last but not least: MTur has a specialized booklet for the Tourist Consumer that can help you embark on your vacation with even more security and peace of mind. To find out more, visit the MTur Portal!

With these tips in hand, now is the time to travel and enjoy your next vacation, economically and safely. Bon voyage!

By Fábio Marques

Communication consultancy

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