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Brazil strengthens its relationship with Oman to expand tourist flow between the two countries. Photo: Paula Rosa/MTur

Brazil strengthens relations with Oman to increase tourist flow between the two countries

Brazil has been working to strengthen business relations with important countries around the world, such as the Middle East. With a focus on expanding the tourist flow and attracting investments, the Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, participated in the Made in Brazil Expo Muscat, which took place in the city of Muscat, in Oman. The event aimed to present the national experience in foreign trade and promote Brazil as a gateway to South America, in addition to enabling the exchange of knowledge and the expansion of transactions between the two countries.

Speaking as the highest Brazilian authority present at the fair, Celso Sabino highlighted the new moment in Brazil, with the improvement of the internal business environment, advances in legal security, the development of the economy and the reconstruction of social policies.

“Today, Brazil presents itself to the world with economic, political and social stability. We came to Oman bringing the perspective of a nation that has its doors open to the Arab market, to partnership, friendship and commercial relations”, he pointed out.

The minister's presence in Muscat coincides with 50 years of Brazil-Oman diplomatic relations. The two nations have developed work whose focus is similar: focusing on tourism, encouraging the use of clean energy, improving logistics, in addition to agriculture and fish farming.

At the end of his participation in the event, Sabino presented a video about Brazilian tourist possibilities and listed the various attractions that the country offers to visitors.

“I personally came to invite you to discover our charms, landscapes and natural beauty. In Brazil, you can practice sustainable ecotourism in the largest Biome in the world, in the lungs of the planet, our Amazon. You can also visit our beautiful beaches, with their clear, warm and transparent waters, white sands and try our delicious cuisine”, highlighted the Brazilian minister.

OFFICIAL MEETINGS – In the Middle Eastern country, Celso Sabino also met with Oman's Minister of Heritage and Tourism, HH Salim Al-mahrouqi, and the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, HE Qais Mohammed Al-Yousif.

In addition to facilitating visas and expanding air connectivity, which would help boost tourism in the nations, the Brazilian minister took the opportunity to invite authorities to the meeting of tourism ministers from the G20 countries, which will take place in September this year, in the city of Belém (PA). Omani ministers confirmed the sending of a delegation from the country.

“Oman has the capacity to become a gateway to Asia and Africa. And Brazil is capable of becoming the gateway to South America. We have common objectives and potential and we need to give visibility to this. The G20 is an excellent opportunity to create joint actions to enhance tourism activity”, defended Celso Sabino.

By Paula Rosa

Communications Office of the Ministry of Tourism

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