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Brazil is in the Top-10 in the world for those looking to travel alone

Brazil has been internationally recognized for being a good host for those looking to have great experiences traveling alone. According to annual report released by US News & World Report, Brazil was named the seventh best country in the world for tourists who usually take a solo flight.

The survey carried out with 17 thousand people around the world highlights Brazil in this position among 78 countries on the list. Foreign perception confirms the trend shown by the numbers of tourists who visited the country in the last three years before the pandemic. Since 2017, there has been an increase in the number of foreign visitors traveling alone through Brazil: 30.9 thousand (2017), 31.6 thousand (2018) and 34.8 thousand (2019). The data comes from the International Tourist Demand Survey prepared by the Ministry of Tourism.

The president of Embratur (Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion), Silvio Nascimento, credits the good numbers to the work that the Agency has developed internationally, always highlighting that Brazil is a destination full of attractions and safe for foreign tourists. “Our country has characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the world and tourists have noticed this. We have six different biomes in our territory (Amazonia, Caatinga, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, Pampa and Pantanal), in addition to the Blue Amazon, several parks, paradisiacal beaches and places with a very strong cultural influence. These countless attractions and the exuberant Brazilian nature attract the attention of tourists looking to travel alone”, highlights Nascimento.

The president of Embratur also recalls that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, created, in June 2020, the Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism Seal, issued to service providers across the country. The measure established health protocols against Covid-19 for activities in the tourism chain, which placed Brazil among the first 10 countries in the world to implement health protocols for tourism. “The initiative was crucial to provide security for workers and tourists who wanted to travel again and is very important at this time when we are experiencing the resumption of our activities in the sector”, assesses Nascimento.

In addition to being growing, the number of international tourists arriving in Brazil alone leads the ranking of arrivals in the country. In 2019, for example, almost 35 thousand entered unaccompanied, followed by 29.2 thousand families, 19.8 thousand couples with children, 11.2 thousand friends and 5 thousand classified as others.


Among the good destination options for tourists traveling alone in Brazil are places that offer adventure tourism. It is no coincidence that the same report released by US News & World Report shows the country as number 1 in the world in this regard.

The prominent position confirms Brazil's potential in the post-pandemic scenario, driven by nature tourism, a major differentiator for the country in this period of resumption of international tourism.


It is worth noting that this year's report and rankings were based on how global perceptions define countries in terms of a series of qualitative characteristics. In total, 78 nations were ranked in categories such as Adventure, Agility, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Openness for business, Quality of Life, among others.

The US News Best Countries rankings reached their sixth year in 2021. The document also analyzes the ability of countries to adapt and respond to obstacles and introduced the new agility index this year as part of its annual Best Countries report . In the report, Brazil appears as the highest South American country in the Agility index (24th place) with emphasis on the dynamism item – 80 out of 100 – which measures the country's ability to adapt to new scenarios.

Source: Embratur

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