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Brazil breaks record for international tourist arrivals in March; increase compared to last year is 28.8%

Brazil recorded the best month of March in terms of international tourist arrivals in the historical series, which began in 1989. There were 740,483 visitors from other countries, a number 1.6% higher than the previous record, from 2018, before the Covid-19 pandemic. , when the country recorded 728,742 foreign tourists. In comparison with March 2023, when Brazil received 577,215 visitors from other countries, the growth was 28.8%. Compared to March 2019, just before the pandemic began, growth was 21.1%.

The registration of tourist entries is carried out by Embratur in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism (MTur) and the Federal Police (PF). The balance of entries also showed that Embratur's strategy of diversifying destinations among neighboring South American countries is yielding results. Uruguay, for example, almost doubled the number of tourists to Brazil compared to March 2023. With 70,866 arrivals, the country showed a percentage growth of 94.9%.

Second among the countries with the highest percentage of growth, Paraguay was also very close to doubling the number of tourists sent to Brazil, with growth of 93.3% and 39,007 entries. The country was followed by Chile, which grew by 45.6% with 50,877 arrivals. It is important to highlight that this is the third month in a row that the number of Chileans has increased in the records. And Argentina, which had a drop in the first two months of 2024, showed growth of 16.9%, with the arrival of 223,602 brothers in Brazilian destinations.

In Europe, the biggest growth was in Portugal, of 34.9%, with 28,108 entries, followed by Germany, which showed an increase of 22.9% with 25,668 entries in Brazil. And in North America, the United States sent 83,609 tourists, a growth of 10.1%.

The president of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo, celebrated the good result. “We are breaking the record for the entry of international tourists, with more people from abroad coming to Brazil, getting to know the culture, the history, the gastronomy, our destinations, and we are also breaking records in the entry of foreign currency, which is the money that these tourists leave here, generating jobs and income. We broke a record in 2023, and in 2024 we maintained the growth curve, which indicates a consistency in this trend”, he recalled.

“This is money circulating in the economy, it is the money paid at the end, to the restaurant, the inn, the taxi driver, the Uber, the mate seller on the beach. We achieved this record for a number of reasons. We are working together with countries in South and North America and Europe to diversify our destinations, in other words, Brazil is once again in dialogue with the world, with a democratic, inclusive stance, focused on sustainability and respect for the environment environment and, with that, we are being seen again. As President Lula likes to say, Brazil is back”, he stated.

The Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, also celebrated another positive indicator of international tourism. “The world has once again seen Brazil as having tourism potential and this is the result of the federal government's effective actions to improve the country's internal environment, strengthening the economy and social policies. In addition to this, we have increased our presence at important international fairs and are in strong dialogue with airlines to expand and diversify connectivity to Brazil. The year 2024 is already set to be a record year for Brazilian tourism,” he declared.

Quarterly growth

In the sum of tourist arrivals in Brazil in January, February and March 2024, the result is the second best in the historical series. In the quarter, the growth in the number of international tourists in Brazil was 2,530,526, a value 9.8% higher than in 2023, when the registration of entries was 2,304,332. The value also exceeds by 10.4% the same period in 2019, which had 2,290,705 registrations of entries, and is second only to 2018, when the registration was 2,664,613 visitors from abroad.

In the quarterly ranking of countries that sent the most tourists to Brazil, Chile stood out again with the highest percentage growth, 51.8% in relation to January, February and March 2023, and 220,901 registrations. Uruguay comes next, with 37.2% more tourists sent and 181,174 arrivals. And the third place in highest percentage growth was France, with an increase of 36.2% and 66,211 French people sent to Brazil. In fourth place, growth returns to South America with Paraguay, which had a percentage increase of 28.7% and registered 195,147 tourists.

And in absolute numbers, South American countries also occupied four of the top five places among the largest emitters. Argentina comes first, with 982,494 entries, but a drop of 10.4% compared to the first quarter of last year, due to the worsening of the economic crisis faced there; Chile is second, the United States is third, with 204,183 entries and growth of 10.7%, followed by Paraguay in fourth and Uruguay in fifth.

CREDITS: Embratur

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