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Barra da Tijuca was the most sought after neighborhood in Rio for property purchases in 2023

The indicator also analyzed the search profiles of Rio buyers. Penthouse properties with open views and morning sun are preferred.

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Barra da Tijuca was the most sought after neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro for buying and selling properties in 2023. The conclusion is part of the QuintoAndar Purchase and Sale Report, released today. According to the publication, the West Zone has been attracting more and more interest from people willing to buy a property. Recreio dos Bandeirantes, another neighborhood in the region, occupies second place in the ranking.

The presence of neighborhoods in the West Zone may indicate a preference among buyers for newer properties. Both locations have a high supply of properties launched in recent years, with more complete condominiums, which favors attracting this demand.

According to the report, much of the search for properties in the capital of Rio de Janeiro was concentrated in neighborhoods in the South Zone. Of the ten most sought after neighborhoods, five are in the region: Copacabana, Botafogo, Ipanema, Flamengo and Leblon. The North Zone is represented by Tijuca, in third position, and Méier, in ninth.

For Pedro Capetti, data specialist at Grupo QuintoAndar, demand in the neighborhoods of the capital of Rio de Janeiro remains stable, with few changes compared to 2022. “The infrastructure of the South Zone greatly favors the region in attracting buyers, mainly for mobility assets and cultural. Even though there are few launches, the secondary market remains very strong”, he highlights.

In 2023, according to the QuintoAndar Purchase and Sale Report, the average price per square meter of properties negotiated was R$ 5,152 – 0.75% higher than that recorded in 2022.

See the list of the ten most popular neighborhoods for buying and selling in the city:

  1. Barra da Tijuca
  2. playground
  3. Tijuca
  4. Copacabana
  5. Botafogo
  6. Ipanema
  7. Flamengo
  8. Parish
  9. Meier
  10. Leblon


Coverage, morning sun and open views are Rio’s favorite filters

In addition to defining their preferred neighborhoods, buyers in Rio classify penthouse apartments and apartments with morning sun as essential items. Right behind them are new or renovated views.

Air conditioning is not on the list of most searched filters in Rio de Janeiro, unlike in other capitals. “In this case, it is possible to infer that most buyers imagine that the equipment already exists or the possibility of installing it in the property and do not even bother to use the filter, as the item is almost indispensable in the city. In SP and BH, not all buildings allow the placement of external devices and, therefore, there is this concern.”

See the list of the top ten:

  1. Penthouse apartment
  2. Morning sun
  3. Free view
  4. New or renovated
  5. Cabinets in the kitchen
  6.  Natural luminosity
  7. Built-in closets in the bedroom
  8. silent street
  9. Private pool
  10. gas shower

The survey takes into account the most used filters when searching for properties on the QuintoAndar platform during the year 2023.

Credits: Quinto Andar

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