Festival Arretado debuts at Uptown Barra this weekend

The biggest northeastern culture and gastronomy event in Rio takes place from 5 to 7/4

Arretado Festival at Uptown Barra from 5 to 7.4.low

Created to celebrate Rio de Janeiro's connection with the Northeast, exalting its culture and tradition, the Arretado Festival will take over Uptown Barra, from April 5th to 7th (Friday to Sunday), with a series of attractions that value the influence of the northeastern population in the gastronomy and culture of Rio de Janeiro.

For three days, the public will have the opportunity to enjoy the striking flavors of typical cuisine from the states of the Northeast region in one place, represented by several restaurants specializing in Northeastern food, preparing delicacies such as: Baião de Dois, Carne de Sol with Macaxeira, Acarajé, Bobó do Camarão, Couscuz, Tapioca, and much more. The event will also feature craft beer stands, cachaçarias and refreshing drinks with tropical fruits.

List of participating restaurants: Do Batista, Matuto Nordestino, Carne de Sol do Baixinho, Expresso Tapioca, Torresmo, Delícias do Nordeste, Acarajé Chef Lenaide Mota, Cantinho do Pará, Things from the Northeast, Fritas and Appetizers McCain, República BBQ – Carne de Sol na Brasa and Burger Arretado . SWEETS: Alex's Cocadas, Corn Delights, Maltese Ice Creams and Danibru Roll Cake.

To make the experience even more complete, several artists will perform on the event stage, getting everyone to dance to the sound of the most traditional musical styles that are successful throughout the country: forró pé de serra, axé, piseiro (a musical style that was born in Piauí), among others. Between shows, the richness and cultural diversity of the Northeast will be represented by capoeira, frevo and maracatu performances. To complete the party, the event will feature a fair of typical products, crafts and cordel literature, as well as a kids area, to guarantee fun for the whole family.

Rio de Janeiro, historically, is home to people from many parts of the world and, mainly, people from Brazil itself. Currently, around 1.5 million people from the Northeast live in Rio de Janeiro, most of them concentrated in the capital. Since they arrived in Rio, at the beginning of the 20th century, the northeastern contribution has been of great importance to the development of the state, including the delivery of grandiose works, such as the Rio Niterói Bridge, which was built with the help of several workers from Northeast region.

Since then, a very close relationship has been created between Rio de Janeiro and the Northeast, making gastronomy, music and regional arts become part of everyday life in Rio. Joy, good humor and strength, striking traits of both cultures, also contributed to further increasing this relationship.


Day 5/4 – Friday:

  • Dj Fábio Jamelão
  • Capoeira Wheel – CNB Movement
  • Trio Balanço Bom – Forró Pé de Serra

Day 6/4 – Sat:

  • Dj Fábio Jamelão
  • Higor and Bruno – Sounds of the Northeast
  • Frevo's presentation
  • The 3 Northeastern – Forró Pé de Serra
  • Singer Ugo presents Forró Piseiro

Day 7/4 – Sun:

  • Dj Fábio Jamelão
  • Maracatu Presentation
  • Iris Pontal – Forró Pé de Serra
  • Soul da Gema – Axé Music Classics

Service: 1st Arretado Festival: typical gastronomy, craft fair and musical shows in honor of the Northeast. From April 5th to 7th, at the Uptown Barra event square (Av. Ayrton Senna, 5500 – Barra da Tijuca). Opening hours: Friday, from 5pm to 11pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm to 11pm. Free entry to the event. Free classification. Parking fee: R$ 17.00 (12-hour period).

Source: Soca Cultural

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