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Seop holder defends democratization of public spaces at Board Meeting

The Municipal Secretary of Public Order (Seop), Brenno Carnevale, was the special guest at the HotelRIO Board meeting, held virtually, on May 4th. The head highlighted that the secretariat had to act very strongly, in the first months of the year, to combat clandestine events, crowds and irregular constructions. However, the secretary's commitment focuses on recovering the city, making the public space welcoming, pleasant and attracting investment.

During the presentation, President Alfredo Lopes and several representatives of hotel groups raised the issues that most affect residents and businesspeople operating in the South Zone and Barra, where most hotels are concentrated, such as urban disorder, dirt, lack of conservation and lighting, and homeless people.

Seop focuses on public security at the municipal level, responsible for complying with rules and laws in public spaces. Integration with the Social Assistance Secretariat is fundamental in approaching street residents and minor beggars. Another point on which the department will focus more efforts in the coming months is parking in public spaces, and it has sought more technological solutions to prevent crime and extortion.

“The Municipal Guard needs to better occupy public areas, be more proactive in its protection functions and provision of services to society”, stated Brenno Carnevale. The secretary defends the occupation of spaces by public authorities, respecting citizenship, however, combating urban disorder, illegal commerce, which cannot be tolerated, and originates from stolen cargo, stolen products and represents one of the biggest drivers of criminal problems . Carnevale highlighted that informal commerce is different, it has intensified in this moment of undeniable difficulty, where unemployed people take to the streets trying to earn a living, but it can only be tolerated momentarily and in an organized way. “It is up to the government to encourage formal employment, which gives dignity”, he argued.

Subsequently, the meeting was attended by lawyers Trajano Ribeiro and Ricardo Almeida, from the legal department, focusing on Provisional Measures 1,045 and 1,046, reissued to combat the pandemic, lasting 120 days, and which introduce new issues into relations labor relations with employees in the hotel sector.

Superintendent Theresa Jansen spoke about the creation of HotéisRIO Solidário, a movement that will collect food donations from hotels, employees and guests to be sent to needy communities and registered unemployed people, in alignment with the Secretary Municipal Social Assistance, Laura Carneiro.

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