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HotéisRIO carries out action in partnership with Stock Car

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Another benefit from HotéisRIO for its members!

Through the commercial forum and the coordination of its president, José Domingo Bouzon, HotéisRIO is investing heavily in directly bringing associated hotels with the main organizers of events on the city's calendar.

We recently received representatives from Marathon do Rio, Rock in Rio and Esperança Rio at the last commercial forum held at the Fairmont Hotel. In addition to face-to-face meetings, we are increasingly connected, using live relationships with some organizers, such as the Rio Boat Show and Stock Car, the latter of which took place yesterday, an opportunity for hotels to learn more about the events and ask questions.

In relation to Stock Car, it is worth highlighting that we gained an exclusive opportunity for hotels associated with the union:

HotéisRIO will forward a list of all associated hotels with the respective contacts of the commercial teams to the event organization, which will pass it on to sponsors and pilot teams, with the aim of encouraging direct reservations at hotels in the city. This action takes place in parallel with the work of the event's official agency, to be informed, which will be responsible for the Stock Car staff.

We also remain partners in municipal management in direct contact with the new Deputy Secretary of Events, Ana Ribeiro, with whom we have already held a meeting to share suggestions and requests from our sector.

It's HotéisRIO working tirelessly to offer the best business opportunities to its base!

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