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Sanction of PERSE by the President of the Republic shows the importance of tourism for the national economy – By Manoel Linhares

We have traveled a long and tortuous path to get here. There were nine votes in the National Congress, all closely monitored by the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association – ABIH Nacional, which was represented by around 1,300 hoteliers from across the country who were in the Federal Senate, on March 5th; 1,200 in the Chamber of Deputies, on March 27th, and another 1,200 at the dinner held, on April 23rd, in honor of the president of the Chamber Arthur Lira, in Brasília, and who, today, are proud to be part of this victorious history.

By sanctioning the continuity of the Emergency Program for the Resumption of the Events Sector (PERSE), President Lula is not only honoring the country's commitment to the sector, but also supporting the growth of tourism in Brazil. The national hotel industry was taken to a new level with the continuation of PERSE, the first benefit that the sector has received in its history.

The program and its continuity were the result of a lot of dialogue between the public authorities and the private sector and, even after its permanence was put to the test by MP 1202/2023, the result we gathered today shows us that together we are stronger.

For the first time in history, the hotel industry gained the protagonism it deserves in the country's production chain, starting to be seen as a true industry that promotes growth, creates jobs and activates several other economic segments that begin to operate and expand.

ABIH Nacional, as the highest representative entity of the national hotel industry, with 87 years of experience, is honored to have fulfilled its role of leading and bringing together entrepreneurs in the sector so that our voices are heard and our agendas are recognized and thus we begin to have the deserved attention from authorities at all levels.

During these almost six months of uncertainty and insecurity, the national hotel industry left its comfort zone, mobilized parliamentarians from all states, showing its real role in the economy, thus managing to gain the attention and trust of party leaders, both in Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate. Aware of our mobilization power and certain of our role in the Brazilian economy, we begin not just another chapter, but a new history of tourism and all the segments it impacts.

Achieving Perse maintenance is just one example of what we can achieve as an industry. Now, as we make new plans for the future, we will no longer be alone. We have consolidated ourselves as a representative productive sector, politically supported by the Mixed Parliamentary Front of the Brazilian Hotel Industry.

We know that we still have a long way to go, which will require even more commitment from all of us, entrepreneurs and professionals in the hotel industry. I remind you that the Tax Reform is underway and, although we managed to be among those who have a different regime in its first stage, it is important that we always maintain our focus on stimulating the Brazilian hotel industry and tourism. But this is another chapter, a new stage in our story, which begins to be told from now on.

Article by Manoel Linhares, president of the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association – ABIH Nacional

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