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Light and Cedae enter into a partnership to speed up service for HotéisRIO members

Light and HoteisRIO enter into a partnership to speed up service to members
Credit: HotéisRIO

More agility and convenience for HotéisRIO members. This was the proposal for the partnership that HotéisRIO has just signed with Light, a private company for generation, distribution, commercialization and electrical energy solutions, and with Cedae – Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos do Rio de Janeiro....

On June 22, individual meetings between the hotels and the energy concessionaire began, at the union headquarters, in Humaitá. All associated hotels will have the possibility of scheduling an individual meeting with Light to discuss their issues, including late payments, installments or other similar situations. The next schedule of individual meetings will be on July 5th, from 10 am to 4 pm, with prior scheduling after filling out the form, at the link https://zfrmz.com/Xn1NzSzd61l3OsITU7XF.

The approach to Cedae occurred through a request received from one of the members. HotéisRIO contacted the company and requested a meeting, which took place on June 23, to try to resolve the issue presented. The member's demand was fully met and the problem was promptly resolved. The company's team left the doors open to exclusively address other issues related to hotel projects.

HotéisRIO, as an entity that represents accommodation facilities in the city of Rio de Janeiro, always seeks to offer improvements and benefits to its members, in addition to carrying out actions that encourage the development of the hospitality sector.

Don't miss the opportunity to speed up your demands with Light and Cedae. More information by phone (21) 3410-5131.

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