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HotéisRIO receives Cedae representative at Board meeting

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In yet another action to support associated hotels, HotéisRIO welcomed Cedae's Regional Operations Manager, Armando Vieira Júnior, at the monthly Board meeting. The meeting was held virtually, on July 6th, with the aim of finding ways to negotiate the amounts charged for the minimum consumption of hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The executive recognized the importance of the tourism industry as a driver of Rio's economy and recapped the different fare formats practiced in recent years for the sector. After clarification from business owners and accommodation managers about the economic difficulties faced since March 2020, the Cedae Manager made his team available to listen to the issues of each hotel and seek balanced solutions to pay off debts during the pandemic.

Alfredo Lopes updated participants on the negotiation with ECAD, after a decades-long struggle, in which the hotel industry ended up losing in the last court decision. “At this moment, we are negotiating with ECAD special conditions such as a discount of 70% on past debts and a self-declaration on the occupancy rate”, explained the president of HotéisRIO. Another update concerns the extension of the IPTU payment deadline for the 2020 and 2021 years, maintaining the 40% discount, until November 30th. The respective election was approved by the Chamber and sanctioned by Mayor Eduardo Paes. All members received the necessary information on the topic.

Among other issues discussed at the meeting, the draft of the collective labor agreement stands out, already analyzed by the working group, and which will now be formatted into a single document to move forward with negotiations as a Labor Union. Until the closing of this matter, the CCT was approved in the EGM of SindHotéis and signed with the Union of Hotel and Similar Commerce Workers of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, already forwarded to all members.

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